Saturday, July 18, 2009

DYI...If I Could Save Time in a Bottle

Here's a great way to display vintage family photos. Follow these few easy steps from Yankee Magazine.
You'll need: glass bottle or jar glass cleaner photocopy of a photograph or print scissors two wooden skewers

1. Choose an attractive glass bottle or jar, whether new or antique (the larger the neck or the mouth the better). Clean it and dry it thoroughly. (Polident denture solution works great for getting old glassware clean.)
2. Make a color or black-and-white photocopy of your picture on regular copier paper. The copy should be small enough (in length and width) to fit unrolled inside the glass container. Trim excess paper if necessary.
3. Wrap the photocopy, blank side showing, around one of the wooden skewers and roll it into a tight cylinder.
4. Slide the photocopy cylinder off the skewer and slip it, right side up, through the bottle's neck (or the jar's mouth).
5. Insert both skewers down through the neck (or mouth).
6. Working from the blank side (to avoid damaging the print), use the skewers to unroll the cylinder until it's flat inside the bottle or jar. Pressing toward the front of the container from the back of the photocopy works best.
7. Leave the top of your bottle or jar open if you like, or finish with a cork or clean metal cap.

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