Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fashion Fridays... 2011 Fashion Wedding Trends

A few trends for the upcoming year!

Lace wedding dresses

Lace will always be a timeless staple for wedding dresses, but after years of satin and tulle dominating bridal looks, this delicate, classic material is having a comeback.

1940s, 1950s & 1960s…everything!

There’s a vintage boom happening, from the engagement shoot and getaway car to the wedding dress and hairstyle. Whether you choose a retro birdcage veil or a beehive ‘do, a white dinner jacket for your groom or some vintage Mary Janes, this trend can be a full-on wedding theme or just a fun, old-style touch. 

Big, textured ballgown skirts

Smooth, satiny skirts have been the over-arching trend for a while now, but 2011 will see brides adding a dose of texture to their princess-style ballgowns. Ruffles, roses, organza petals and layers of lace make for voluminous, dramatic silhouettes that will leave your guests in awe.  
 Pride and Prejudice
Article via Zank You 


  1. Do you have some samples for green weddings?

  2. Where can I find or who is the designer of, the lace dress in the 1940s,1950s & 1960s picture with the dark haired girl with the pink flower in her hair?

  3. I also am wondering about who the person that designed the strapless dress on the girl sitting in the window sill, with the flower in her hair.
    The dress is beautiful.