Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Silhouette Cake Toppers

I've never been a huge fan of cake toppers, but this year I've seen so many unique ones I've changed my mind. 

These customized silhouette toppers would make a perfect heirloom!

Where to buy: Wedzu


  1. Those are so neat! I've never actually seen that at a wedding before. Cool!

  2. This is another cool thing about cake toppers! :) So unique and creative. :D I really like this idea! :) The cake topper at the bottom photo is so cute, but if I were to choose, I'll have that one at the above photo. :D

  3. This is a really original idea for a wedding cake! Loved it. (:

  4. This is wonderful and very creative. I haven't seen this kind of cake toppers. :D