Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Choose the Right Veil?

Many brides ask if they should wear a veil, and if so what kind? Jolene Picone of Veil Trends, as created a veil chart that addresses the basic veil lengths and description of each. Fly Away veil is the shortest length veil. This veil is also sometimes called a shoulder length veil. Fly Away veil to be any veil 20" long or shorter.
Blusher is the veiling that covers the face when you walk down the isle. The blusher can be worn during the entire ceremony until the first kiss as husband and wife or it can be pulled back over the bride's face before she is given away by father. ( or by person that walks the bride down the aisle. ) A blusher can be any length from about 20" to even a dramatic 60" or more.
Elbow length veil is just that; a veil that hits the bride below the shoulder or near the elbow. A common length is around 28".
Fingertip length guessed it, right at the fingertips or around the hand. A typical length for this veil is 36".
Ballet length is a veil that hits your body somwhere between your knees and calves. This veil is also sometimes called a waltz veil. Veil Trends measures a ballet length veil at 56".
Chapel length veils are 108" long and extend all the way to the ground. The width of the veil can range anywhere from 56" wide to 108" wide, depending on the width of your dress or personal preference.
Cathedral veils are the longest veil length and extend well past the end of your dress train. They are typically worn in church settings for a dramatic walk down a long aisle. A cathedral veil is aprox. 120" or longer.

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