Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Inspiration Board: Russian Ballet

This inspirational board created by Fri of Wedding Nouveau, reminds me of a night my husband and I had in Moscow, when we stumbled upon an outdoor dance performance that was absolutely transcendent. We were walking back to our hotel late one night from dinner when, out of the blue, a processional of dancers in elaborate costumes passed us, leading people to a neighborhood square where they began a performance of visionary theater. It was a magical surprise to end our night.

(Above: St. Petersburg Tower by Bridgepix ; Gown by Atelier Aimee; Bouquet by Fantasy Floral Designs; Ballerina photo by Jonathan Skow; Russian Matryoshka necklace by Sea Unicorn; Ornament photo by Ken Marten via here; Gold Ballet flats by JCrew via here; Music box; Russian Table Setting via here; Mirror photo by Sarah Maingot; Male Model by GQ Russia ;Slicked Hair Model ; Russian doll and Sari Pillow by Ceci New York; Pink and Gold Platter photo by Sarah Maingot; Sitting Ballerina photo by Marina Danilova ; Stair photo via here)

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